Our Ephemeral Life – Eleni Zaharopoulos

Hey baby, I’m going to set up the relics of our apartment inside a gallery space. I am going to hang your masks up on the walls. I’m going to invite people over and we are going to have a party. You may be dead, but you’ll never be boring.

Our Ephemeral Life is an installation/assemblage of previous living rooms shared between Eleni Zaharopoulos and Adrian C. Mejia, her former fiancé and collaborator, now deceased. For a brief and special reunion, these objects will come together at Public Pool, possibly for the last time, to invoke the inimitable spirit of what once was Adrian and Eleni’s place. On display and integrated within the installation will also be new visual works that explore metaphysical collaboration, and personal identity through bereavement. In addition, for the first three Saturdays in June, Our Ephemeral Life will transform into a second-hand store called Retail Therapy where many of the objects in the installation will be available for purchase. Retail Therapy is an untested experiment in learning how to let go.

Exhibition from May 9-June 27 at Public Pool (3309 Caniff)

Opening on Saturday, May 9 from 7-11PM

Saturday, May 16 – Stella’s Ghost: Performance and Greek “taverna” – 8-10PM

Sunday, May 17 – Living Room Activities: Magi Scholar Club Meeting and Photo Tours-  1-6PM

Eleni Zaharopoulos is a multidisciplinary artist and performer who often collaborates with others. Her art and performance practices take many forms. Sometimes the forms are obvious- that’s a video, this is a performance, that looks like collage art, and sometimes the forms are not so obvious- it’s a functioning campsite, that’s an illegal Greek restaurant, this is a Russian tea room. Sometimes the art stuff is folded into her everyday life and simply goes unnoticed. Eleni currently spends her time in New York City and Detroit working on collaborative and solo projects that range in shape and size.

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