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“Stories on the Divide | Historias en la Brecha” – Border Blasters

“Stories on the Divide | Historias en la Brecha” is a two-part entity, featuring audio recordings produced prior to the festival as well as a participatory in-festival recording booth. It highlights oral histories about borders which are created & socially maintained through immigration status and complicated through US racial segregation in Detroit & Hamtramck.

Saturday, May 16 and Sunday, May 17 from 12-6PM at the Aladdin patio (11945 Conant)

Border Blasters transmits stories of reconnection from within one of the nation’s most segregated regions. Stories that delve into the divides –both existing and imagined– and emerge with unexpected connections. To hear unifying counter-narratives from the community vantage point: listen out for regular podcasts beginning in Summer 2015.

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